Clubpenguin Party Pics! + Beards Party!

Hey  Im Sorry For Posting Late. But Heres The Pics! Also THIS WAS THE FUNNEST BIGGEST PARTY EVER!

I Loved It So Much. Thanks For Coming! Even Salty Vegas And Zebby Came! 😉


We Stayed At The Dock For A Long Time 😉

Party 2

Then We Went Sled Racing!

Party 3

Then We Partied On The Ski Hill!

Party 4

Then We Waddled Down To The Night Club! Zebby Started To Get Sad 😦 And Salty Had To Go 😦

Party 5

Then I Played A Game Of Conect Four With Freinds, And I Had To Go! 😦

I Wish I Couldve Stayed Longer But I Really Had To Go Before I Got Grounded 😦

Oh And Heres The Featured Penguins!

Salty Vegas

Salty ( I Couldnt Get A Pic Of Him Because He Left Super Early And He Didnt Add Me.

Zebby Queen

Zebby Queen






Mr Krabs

Thanks Everyone That Came 😉 You Guys Are Such Great Freinds And Fans xD

Since This Party Was Such A Great Party, Ill Be Having Another One Very Very Soon!

Also Yesterday I Went To Toys R Us And I Bought 2 Clubpenguin Toys! I Didnt Want To Give Them Away Because I Never Activated 1 Before. Heres What I Unlocked

Unlock 1

My Little Brother Bought The Space Ship Which Was 16 Dollars! And He Gave Me The Code!! So I Could Unlock 3 Items!!

I Also Bought One But I Bought One That Cost 6 Dollars! IM CHEAP! xD

Heres What I Unlocked

Unlock 2

Oh And A Message To Source And All TDA Players

I Have Saved The 2 Episodes Of TDA! Im Publishing It Now. And It Will Be On Youtube In 1 Hour.

Heres A Message To Everyone That Came To My Party

Im Still Working On The Party Video 😉 It Will Be On Youtube On July 12 ( Sunday )

Thanks Everyone!

Oh And Beard I Might Be Coming To Your Party 😉 If You Want To Go To Beards Party Scroll Down!

Braves Sig



11 Responses

  1. Yay! I’m so happy you showed up. I was hoping to get a code lol, because I’m greedy and always like more 👿


  2. chat with me?

  3. Sorry I started to get sad 😥 Salty was…. nvm but he made me sad 😥

  4. Hey Braveboy! That Was One Awesome Party Dude! Thanks For Featuring Me And I am very sorry I had to leave early. 😉

    -Salty, Club Penguin Cheats President

  5. Awesome! Thanks for featuring me.

  6. I started to get sad at the night club. And what was the toy code item that cost only six bucks? I want to buy it! 😀

  7. Hey ……….

    The Party was great!I was mrkrabs987 it was the best Lol!

    Im sure i will keep Coming Back To Your Site Its Fantastic!!!If You Wouldnt Mine Could You Visit My Site and Comment please It will Be Much Apreciated!Can You People Visit My Site So It Gets Hits!Visit: and add me on AIM my user is mrkrabs987


  8. Hi! mrkrabs987 here! I was just wondering if you wanted to join the CPGA Drum Line! It is like a band thing for the CPGA. We play different instruments and stuff. There is electric guitars, drums and more! So, wanna join? If so just click on this link and leave a comment with your penguin name and say that you want to join and say the instrument you want to play. AND REMEMBER TO SAY MRKRABS987 SENT YOU! Bye!

  9. I was in some of them!

  10. Hey braveboy? remember me I came to your other party 😀

  11. that really was the best party i was at
    check out my website for club penguin cheats walkthroughs and tips at

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