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Rare Penguin Contest [ Round 1 ]

Update: Post will be sticky! Scroll down for latest news!

Hey This Is Round 1! All You Have To Do Is Comment Your

  • Email
  • Name

Then You Will Move To Round 2 When It Comes Out

Very Simple!

Heres The Picture!

Rare Penguin


23 Responses

  1. Steveo92096@aol.com
    Snowy1900 😀

  2. That my pengi, dressed as another? 😦

  3. lalococolito@yahoo.com

  4. nvm… I got 2 coin codes today, series 2 and 3 😀 hoping to get a series 1 later 😀

  5. =D

  6. Thats Not Yours Zebby
    Someone Donated It To Me.

  7. How come no one does my contests??? 😡 :angry:
    Oh well Dont forget about CP TDA up and coming and the one thats recorded.

  8. oh and sorry but this is really on my mind. alot of people will wonder of where the 2nd episode is…… im thinking that you should summarize the 2nd episode in a viedo using text if its not too much to ask… lol
    Also looks like we can record viedos for ZEBS when CP TDA ends next week but ill be gone for 3 weeks in August!!
    Oh and youre picking the final 3 challenges for the final 2 to face!!

  9. So Much Work! LOL!

  10. Hey, Braveboy

    Your site has improved with style, hits, ect.
    Please click here to go to my site!

    -CP Beta Club Penguin Beta

    Please comment!
    I would appreciate it!


  11. email: niksmaster2008@hotmail.com
    name: nike64

  12. You know my email and I am dragondav3 😛

  13. My name is Whitle09g.
    I gave you my email in the email field.

  14. oh ill enter too you no my email and im the source00

  15. Heres the 2nd episode Summary too!
    Crabs: The Source00, Bieman98, Beardredcrest, Iceberg49869, Dyl100, Blueflame10, Pikes32, Piplup U, Apom59, Sadhadfas2, and Penny Mickey.
    Puffles: Darknerr, Each11, Ichigo Kuro1, Cherrera78, Disco70, Babiblue202, Snowy1900, CPKidd8888, and Eamafa.
    Who showed up!
    Crabs: The Source00 and Dyl100 (couldnt get on cp) Sadhadfas2 and Piplup U showed up for the beginning but soon left, and Bieman98.

    Puffles: Eamafa, Darknerr, Cherrera78, Disco70, CPKidd8888

    So Bieman98 was left alone but he danced changing colors and Jayman5000 ended up liking him best and Bieman98 won! The 5 Crabs voted off CPKidd8888 because she didnt really follow them to the campfire and copyed Disco70’s Dance.

    Jayman5000 had come in 2nd in the 1st Season Club Penguin Total Drama Island hosted by Doggiking.

    The Teams then celebrated with pizza and CPKidd was pretty mad she got voted off so early in the competition
    ~source~ thats the summary pretty much

  16. Mjw8888

  17. Brave… Did you contact that trading dude?! Give him my email cpzebby@gmail.com Ok?! Also I used series 2 coin code and unlocked rare winged helmet and ear phones.

    And rosey unlocked series 3 penguin band hoodie [Black] and blue sneakers! It was her first code. Awesome!

    Be careful! A hacker named Finx15 has hacked a few sites and might be after yours! MAKE SURE YOU POST A LOT!!!

  19. Email: 961825521@qq.com or send me on youtube or xat
    Name Read the name Minfa123 (no Real) ok im really minfa i lost Minfa123 wordpress.com/

  20. email: muddaad@yahoo.com
    name: mudge91

  21. Mudge Remember You Said Youll Give Me A Coin Code.

  22. name=match87055
    email= tommy1927@live.ie

  23. im chriss8449 . i need this braveboy. please give it to me. my id is haseebsange@yahoo.com.PLLLLLLLLLLLEASE.

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