Pandanda Player Card Update!

Hey everyone!

Pandanda just released a cool update! Its a birthday icon added and displayed to every Panda in Pandanda! Here are the steps!

1. Click on your account.
pandanda birth1
2. Click View Profile.
pandanda birth2
3. Here is where the birthday is located.
pandanda birth3
My account was created in March 25, 2009.

That’s all! Comment what you think!

~Klove101 A.K.A. Byron


6 Responses

  1. im 4 days older than u im made in march 21st

  2. Hey brave! 😀 so did Minfa give you that coin code? Wanna trade also why don’t you ever comment 😡 please comment back 😉

  3. Did you get the coin code or no? Please answer 🙂

  4. No Zebby. Minfa Did Not Email Me. Ill Give You His Email Please Tell Him To Give Me The Code.

  5. Ok but g2g sleep now Bye Bye Bye!!

  6. 😉 give me an account

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