All Authors Active? Or InActive!

Braveboy124 [ Pandanda And Clubpenguin Cheats Owner ] Posting.

Im Wondering If All Of My Authors Are Active Or Inactive.

If You Are Active Please Comment Saying

” Yes Braveboy I Am Active “

I Wondering Whos Inactive,  Whoever Dosent Respond By, Monday July 20, Will Be Removed. Sorry.



7 Responses

  1. and then can i be an author

  2. Yes Sir.Braveboy24 I am active 😀 Watch me!

    Laa Laa Laa :mrgreen: Waah Waah Waah 😥 Heee Heee Heee 😆 Ma Ma Ma 😈

  3. could i be an author then?


  5. Yes I’m active.

  6. I’m active Braveboy. I should post more early to make the cheats quicker.

  7. Hey brave! I got series 1 woot

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