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Hello There!

I am Zebby, the newest admin here 😉 .

On ‘Club Penguin’ the name zebby doesn’t show up, so on ‘Club Penguin’ please call me zeb 😀 .

This is my penguin :mrgreen: .

Zebby yea yeahI am looking forward to meeting you all on ‘Club Penguin’ 😉 😀 :mrgreen:

Here is some extra info about me:

‘CP’ UserName: Zebby Queen

WordPress username: zebbycp

Club Penguin:

I like hanging out in the dock, mostly the town I am also a 6 month member, um I have unlocked 28 coin codes things… I am 128 days old and I am type of rare from unlocking items!

‘CP’ Nick Name: Zeb [Please call me that]

WordPress Nick Name: Zebby [Please address me in comments by that]

I have a blog and I’m not advertising but it’s http://zebbycp.wordpress.com/

And that’s about it 😉


Do you want me to making you a header on photoshop?

~Bye, Bye~


11 Responses

  1. Oh Yah! I’m a girl 😉 and brave I don’t need a picture of your pengiy because I have the same unlocked Items as you I can wear 😉

  2. Cool, good luck being an author! I’ve had one coin code, but I don’t really need them because I already have a lot of items.

  3. uhhh brave we havent had CP TDA since wednesday and you still havent gotten any viedos up??? you are falling really behind dude youve got 4 VIDS (the 2nd (summary), the 7th, the 8th (mostly summary), the 9th, AND THERE ARE 3 CHALLENGES THIS WEEK!! Is this too much for you dude cause u really gotta put those vids out

  4. DUDE! you didnt show up! Its ok though cause Doggiking came and recorded it. I JUST ESCAPED BEING SENT HOME FOR THE 5TH STRAIGHT TIME, Penny Mickey got sent home. You dont have to worry about this episode but the 2nd episode use my summary, the 7th (u recorded it), the 8th (u recorded a little and use my summary), and the 9th (u recorded it). For your sake i hope you can finish these by Wednesday lol. You’ve only got 2 more to record then no more hard work lol!

  5. Im So Sorry! I Had My Grandmas Bday And My Dads Bday Today! Im Sorry. Also Ill Get To Work On Those Vids. Vids Will Be Posted In 2 Hours!

  6. sweet!

  7. crap that comment was 4 hours after you said that 😦

  8. Tee Hee Hee! rofl…

  9. My Bad. Im Publishing It Now.

  10. Hey Zebby When R U Adding Me To Your Blog?
    My Email Is Braveboy124@gmail.com

  11. Hey bravey I posted the awesome new update 😀

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