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Hello Penguins and Penguinetts.

I’m sure all of you know me by now? I introduced my self yesterday 😀 .

Well my blog… http://zebbycp.wordpress.com/ is kind low on hits I only got 135 hits yesterday and 306 the day before!

So I’m wondering if you could all donate me something?


Please donate a comment to my blog today 😉 .

Thanks and please visit http://hoper25.wordpress.com/ and donate her a nice comment too 😀 .


12 Responses

  1. Hey people!

  2. Hi Zebby! Im Online!

  3. Hey!

  4. Oh it’s half-an-hour later 😥

    Anyway I’m busy coolerizing up my site 😀

  5. hey brave what about the 7th and 2nd episode. THE OTHER 2 WERE REALLY SWEET THOUGH!

  6. Me & Brave are working on a CPMV 😉

  7. uhh im in ur productions….. im in ZEBS too but its ok

  8. I dunno but were working on it 🙂

  9. Awesome 😀

    lol, we’ve only had the blog 17 days zebby… Be patient lol were doing good if your comparing you self with other people that started before you stop O.K.?

  10. My blog only gets like 50 hits a day.
    P.S. Can I be an author again Braveboy, I was only an author for like two weeks, and then you deleted me for no reason.

  11. the pass is on the way dude and im gonna have bieman record one and i cant change the 11th challenge but ill talk in chat tommorrow with everyone about changing the last challenge.

  12. oh and im gonna assume im neyo or kanye west in the song lol

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