Voting Booth

Hello Penguins and Penguinetts.

On last weeks post, all of you penguins and penguinetts left a lot of comments on the new color coming soon :) .

I have an exclusive picture of the voting booth that will be coming to club penguin island in 3 days :D .

Proper copy

It looks cool, and it has all the colors of the vote…

Saweet! I can’t wait for this awesome club penguin update.

What are you voting for?

  • Maroon
  • Lavendar
  • Aqua

10 Responses

  1. Hey Zebby I Vote Aqua! It Looks Cooooolll!

  2. No…. Vote lavender it’s a totally new color! We already have red like maroon, we have blue like aqua but we don’t have LAVENDeR!

  3. Brave I will delete my self from here and my header if you don’t start commenting at my blog 😡

  4. Ok But Add Me To Your Blog!

  5. And Go On Your Xat.
    Ill be There

  6. Ok… Bravey I can’t go on chat room soz! But you have gmail right? Lets go there to chat 😀

  7. I am

  8. Ok! Invite Me! I Want To Talk..

  9. Aqua!


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