Thursday Paper…

Hello Penguins and Penguinetts.

The Thursday, daily has appeared in ‘Club Penguin’ once again.

And this time with 2x new upcoming events and 1x going event :o :!:

color vte

‘The color vote will be going on in the forest, while the music jam is here’

penguin clothes

‘I will be in the U.K while the catalog comes out, but don’t worry I’ll update and also in that time I’ll be having a membership contest and the winners of the coin code contest will receive there prize

Music jam ending

‘It’s too bad that the music jam will be over so soon, I was hoping it would at least stay until the 29th :(

Sketch to cp

‘Then finally this is a picture from a post by screen hog, mentioning how they drew the music jam and other cool things :D



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  1. Awesome Thanks!

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