Hola penguins and penguinetts.


It’s so awesome, I decided to try out a thing I downloaded for my designing program and I tried it on braves header… AND OMG WOO HOO COOL HEADER!

lol, many of you ask… What’s your designing program?

Well it’s… Adobe PhotoShop CS3 but umm.. You have to buy it 😉



7 Responses

  1. Sweet header! I don’t have any editing programs. I have a macbook and a macbook pro it’s only good for going on the internet. How do you cut out the penguins for the header?

  2. yea and how do u get the color around it i only have snag it9

  3. how much was it

  4. Expensive.. trust me!

  5. o can u plz make me a penguin with green around it my email is

  6. K sure 😀 just gimme your web!

  7. and im the 8th 1

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