New Servers…


Yesterday or Today I am not sure, Club Penguin realesed some new awesome servers.

Wierd but cool names 8) .

new seres -

Have you been on any of these servers yet?

Did you like them?


8 Responses

  1. DUDE?! When do i get my coin code? And WHEN IS THE 2ND AND 7TH EPISODE COMING OUT? You are really starting to get on my nerves taking so long to get these 2 vids up!

  2. dude calm down

  3. lol ur telling me to calm down. dyl ur all not calmed down all the time!

  4. seriously though dude u gotta get these vids up!!!!!

  5. well sometimes i get hyper (not really but get crazy sooo)lol

  6. Source I Cant Upload Vids On Youtube Right Now..
    Also, Snowy Is The One Thats Gonna Give You Yur Code. Not Me..

  7. 🙄 :mr green:

  8. so they finally made a Sasquatch server eh? niceeee :O

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