Braveboy124s Party Reveiw!

Braveboy124 Posting


Some People Were Even Saying We Hate Brave.

I Hate Haterz Lol. But It Was Fun. In 5 Minutes I Had A Full Buddy List

We Started At The Dock

Party 1

Then We Went Sled Racing

Party 2

Then We Went To The Ski Lodge

Party 3

Then We Went To The Night Club , Where We Saw The Army Nachos!

Party 4

Then We All Said Bye, And Left 20 Minutes Later

Party 5

You Shouldve Seen How Much Penguins Was There! Everyone Kept Saying ” Add Me Braveboy ” But My Buddy List Was Super Full! That Was One Awesome Party 😉

Heres The Featured Penguins. There In A Random Order.


An Awesome Freind 😉 Supported me in my first big party, and here she is again the special guest in all my party’s supporting me again 😀


An Awesome Freind That Came A Little Late, But He Stayed For The Whole Party! And was shouting my name like crazy, his throat must be hurting 😉 .


A Cool Penguin That Kept Screaming My Name! Lol! He Stayed The Whole Party!


An Awesome Freind That Stayed From Beginning To End.


A Cool Freind That Yelled My Name And Told Me That Was The Best Party Ever!

Also, The Winner Of The Coin Code, Has Been Emailed 😉

I Will Be Reavealing Their Name Soon. Also If You Have It, Dont Comment Saying You Do 😉

I Want It To Be A Surprise!

I Will Be Having Another Party Very Soon!

Question Of The Day: Will You Be Coming To My Next Party?



Join My Army!

Join Now!


14 Responses

  1. AWWWW! I really wanted 2 win my hand hurts from typing BRAVE BRAVE BRAVE BRAVE BRAVE…

  2. Lol Its Okay. Youll Get Another Chance.

  3. Hey BraveBoy!!

    Paintboy227 Hacked My Blog And He Said He Is Going To Delete It! So I made a new site and i am going to get CSS Tomorrow! So Please Tell Your Friends To Visit It!


    -Salty, Club Penguin Cheats President

  4. Awesome, thanks brave 😉 for featuring me. Also I was there the whole time except the end.


  5. Brave, if your online go to c*at

  6. I think Wexfief won. I was really sick of typing your name. Ugh. That’s why I have to log off. I was making origami boxes 🙂

  7. im really srry i missed it i was at my friends house

    • Thats Ok Eamafa. Plenty More Parties Soon To Come!

  8. u said u featured me i went to all ur partys 😦 now im not going anymore

  9. I’m so sorry I missed it Braveboy. I really wanted to go, I think I just forgot.

  10. Hey Brave….lol
    Thnx for featuring me,the party was freaky awesome!!!

    Waddle On!!!


  11. Please could you go to and please comment on the resort you would most like to stay in based on the pictures and info. Thanks!


  12. Hey Brave can you come to my 5000 hits party?Kingpin2 might come! 😀 Also if you can could you post our invitation on your site?The date and time isn’t on it yet so I’ll give you the picture when the date and time is on it!
    PS:We may give away a CardJitsu Code at the party!That’s all Thanks!

  13. brave!! i need your help! im in deep need of a coin code. Im not here to beg and ask you, but im aksign if you know WHERE i could get one { on sites } if you could help me find a site that would be AWESOME xD

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