Braveboy Mods?

First Off, Penguin Expert Gave Me This Idea! I Have Put Alot Of Thought Into This And Decided That I Should Have Mods On This Site Too. Im Very Excited 😉

Heres Some Rules,

  1. BB Mods, Help When Someone Ask A Question, BB Mods Awnser The Questions For Them In A Comment Reply.
  2. BB Mods, Are Always Nice. They Dont Put Anyone Down, And They Are Very Kind And Super Freindly
  3. If You Have An Idea, Then Just Comment It.
  4. Also Congratulate Penguins That Win Contests On Here.
  5. BB Mods, Must Comment Alot On This Site To Still Be A Mod On This Site
  6. The More You Be Nice, Post Comments And Congratulate Penguins, The Higher Your Rank Goes!
  7. When You Comment, Please Leave BB Mod Next To Your Name So That Other People Know That Your A Mod.
  8. More Rules To Come! Check Back Soon 😉

Also Heres Some Stuff That BB Mods Get!

  1. They Will Be Added To My Buddy List
  2. When Ever I Have A Contest, I Will Send An Email To All BB Mods, Telling Them When And Time The Contest Will Begin So They Can Get A Head Start.
  3. They MAY Be Given Prizes For There Hard Work!
  4. More Prizes To Come 😉

So Now You Seen The Prizes And Rules. Comment Here If You Will Do All Rules Asked, And You MIGHT Be Added 😉

-Braveboy124- Owner Of Clubpenguin Cheats.


14 Responses

  1. C 😮 😮 L!!

  2. I have an idea for a contest it could be a funniest pic contest or just the randomest comment contest im getting a penguin today and i will probably give it to you later on today
    Cpkid-BB mod

    • That would be nice of you cpkid8888

      -Zebby, BB Mod 😀

  3. Im can do all of those rules

  4. Ok Check Out The BB Mods PAGE.

  5. can i plz be one i promise to comment alot and follow all the rules!

    • you have to earn it

      BB Mod In TRAINING

  6. How about every season (fall, winter, spring and summer) we should have a art contest. The staff picks a theme and the contestants must match the theme using anything. For example: computer artwork, food, banners etc.

  7. can i be one plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

  8. Thats amazing Braveboy! I will do my best to fufill my duty. lol.
    ~Darknerr 😀 BB mod

  9. Hey!

    Wow your site has gotten so much better since the last time i visited 😀 Awesome job! It would be awesome for you to add these site to your blogroll: and It would really mean a lot and would so cool if you did! I can’t wait to visit again! 😀


  10. braveboy can i plz be a mod i read all the rules and i go on this site so much man plz can i be mod plz plz plz im nice and i congratulate ppl alt just add me in the mod list plz

  11. brave can i please be one it will be exciting

  12. I will do it!! Can i please be one?I can be very hapful and give great advise. thanks!!

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