Back To School!

Post Will Be Sticky. Scroll Down For Clubpenguin Updates.

Well I Braveboy124 Am Going Back To School. Which Sucks So Much! I Dont Want To Go Back School. Heres My Moms Rules On School Days

  • No Going On The Computer On Weekdays
  • I Can Only Go On , On Friday, Saturday, And Sunday.

So I Will Not Be Posting Updates. So Heres A Message To Zebby

Message To Zebby: Zebby Since Your A Admin, I Want You To Post Updates And For All The People You Think Should Be A BB Mod, Then You May Make Them One. Also Zebby If I Won Your Coin Code Contest, Then Just Send It To Thanks 😉

So Everyone I Will See You On Friday. Dont StopVisiting Because Zebby Will Still Be Updating For Me! 😉 Wish Me Good Luck On My First Day Of School!

-Braveboy124- Owner Of Clubpenguin Cheats


15 Responses

  1. good luck and OMG U START SCHOOL EARLY!!!!!
    Cpkid-BB mod

  2. Hey I got the new time and date for the party!Here is the NEW info:
    why: 5000 hits

    Server: Fjord

    when: Thursday August 6th

    place: Ski Village

    time: 10:00 am PST

    Comment on my site if you can go.

  3. Awesome site! Thx for commenting on my site.

  4. good luck. here in australia im like 2 and a half weeks into the third term!

  5. Good luck in school. My school is going to start in September. Can you visit my site if you have time Braveboy.

  6. on your army web I can on battle in saturday
    which is not cool

  7. …u start in august???????

  8. Nice 😀 . Back where I live school starts in October but here in Wales school starts in September 😀

  9. my side school starts at september 8 and staRTS AT JUNE 25 CLOSE TO JUNE 23 MY BIRTHDAY!!!!

    • whoa my school opens on the 8th to 😛 that stinks that you have to go to school in august, bu you probly get out like in may

  10. :O I have like 7 weeks left 😛

  11. i mean my school starts in september 8 and close at june 25

  12. Well since this like my last grade now and I’m in 5th grade, I’m gonna have the same problems like you Brave. I’m still in Elementary so I really want to graduate.

  13. Good luck in school
    ~Darknerr BB mod

  14. hey brave!
    U won Hoper’s contest i wil give u a code on email thanks for entering!!!!


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