BB News 1

Im Starting Something New Called BB News. Every FRIDAY A New Issue Comes Out. It Could Be About Anything. Heres Todays Topics:


Well this week was my first week of school! I have some awesome freinds. Everyone is nice. Well most people. Also today was my little brother and sisters birthday party! We celebrated at Chuckee Chesse LOL! Its like a restraunt/ game place for children.


Today, Hoper25’s Contest Ended And I Won A Coin Code! Thanks Hoper And Super! You Guys Are The Bomb!!


I Want everyone to comment saying ” Thanks zebby ” Because while i was in school, she was making this blog really awesome! I Just wanna say a big thanks to zebby! Also i will be having a 1month membership contest soon.. and i will be having an editor contest very soon so stay tuned!

Ok that wraps up this weeks news. Also bb mods ill be watching if you are doing your jobs. 😉



3 Responses

  1. cool!

  2. Hey Braveboy My 15,000 hits party is today! 😀

  3. If you are interested in working on my site please check out my latest post 🙂


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