September Furniture Catalog- Green Chair Bag Wins!

Hey Penguins,

Braveboy124 Here, With The Furniture Catalog Winner! The Green Chair Bag! Yippee! LOL! With 75% Wowerz.

Green Beanbag Chair

Also Minfa Informed Me, That Clones Are Looking For Me And Trying To Ban Me. I WONT LET THAT HAPPEN! So, I Emailed Cp And They Said, We Will Work On That Now. 😉



4 Responses

  1. hey braveboy BIG NEWS! cowtail5 said he wants to battle us for outback because he said his army owns it WE NEED TO BATTLE THEM!

  2. Hi!Awesome site braveboy,im a huge fan!

  3. what did u ever do to the clones?

  4. and braveboy my army is mad at the monster force cause they took our sever. u should just give it back. they probly had it first. u could probly make allies with them and maybe share the sever.

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