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Columbia Is Now Apart Of The Family!

Yup, Columbia Welcome To The Family Of Clubpenguin 😉 . We Finally Have A New Pin For Columbia WHICH IS AWESOME! Lol.

Heres The Pin,

Columbia 1

Heres Me, Wearing The Columbia Pin! xD!

Columbia 2

Lol, I Had To Block Off My Coins, Because I Have Alot!!! lol!

Question Of The Day: Are You Happy That They Made A Columbia Pin? Why?

Also Heres Some Links!

Braveboy124 Twitter

Zebby Queen Twitter


-Braveboy124 & ZebbyQueeen-


3 Responses

  1. hey how do u make pics wit links

  2. Hi! Braveeboy124

    I have chosen you to be an admin on my site, as you said you were interested:

    All you must do is:

    Comment your e mail,
    Say you agree to work there,
    Comment which days would be best for you to post
    And wala! you will be added by the end of tomorrow!
    { i will e mail you some rules, and the password to the admins page which you must not tell anyone!! }

    Snowy1900 🙂

  3. Hi, im going to be on vacation for the next week if you are wondering why i am not comment! Please remember to comment on my site still though


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