Mini Twitter Contest And Winner Of Editor Contest REAVEALED EARLY!

Ok, Well Since I Started A New Account On Twitter, Because My Other Was Suspended! I Only Have 2 Followers.. Which Sucks! So Heres Where You Come In..


  • Get Me To 150 Followers – 1 Month Membership
  • Get Me To 200 Followers – 1 Unused Toy Code
  • Get Me To 500 Followers – 6 Month Membership

Sorry Thats All I Have For Now.. So Please Get Me Followers! I Will Pick At Random OR I Will Post The Code On Twitter And The First One Who Gets It Wins!

I May Even Give Out All Those Prizes 😉

Heres The Link


The Winner Of The Editor Contest Is…

Eamafa And Thunder!

I Just Couldnt Choose! There Both Good And I Also Veiwed Their Websites, And They Post Alot So Thats Why I Picked Them.

Congrats Guys, Just Comment Your WordPress Email And Ill Add You A.S.A.P



One Response

  1. yay i won! and so did thuder. my wordpress email is

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