New editor!

Hello its eamafa and im the new editor! it is great to be working on a website this awesome! i dont play pandana so i cant post on that but i will post all the updates for club penguin i work on many website so dont get mad at me if i dont post every 2 days!LOL. i will try to be as nice as i can to everyone.i will be having a party soon but not now. so bye for now. oh and this is what i look like in cp!i will try to make as much friends i can during me being on this website! 😀




11 Responses

  1. good job idc about winning lol ok yes i do but if i win i win

  2. Minfa dont worry. I Will Be Having An Author Poll! Everyone Who Wants To Be In The Poll Will Be In It!

    Oh And Eamafa I Need A Picture Of You.. Withouth A Backround For Your Header Same Goes For Thunder.

  3. Oh And Congrats Eamafa! Job Well Done 😉

  4. braveboy? u here are u on?

  5. go on ur chat

  6. got it

    Brave Ill email it to you

  7. Ok

  8. ok ill email my pic to u!

  9. hey brave u there?

  10. Cool Yea Im Here.

  11. HEYYYYYYYYY Congratz to new Editor *Bows down to Eamafa* 🙂

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