BB News #2

Welcome~ Well! I Donr Have Too Much Topics Today. Lol!


Congrats To Our 2 New Editors! Eamafa And Thunder! New Header Added And Also The Times For The Given Out Coin Codes May Be Changed!


Start School Again On Monday.. So Editors/ Admins Please Post ALL Updates! Thanks!

Well Thats All For Now! Cya On Friday! Cause I Cant Go On The Weekdays..



5 Responses

  1. Hey brave can you put the 87 in my name please because thunderman isnt my username… Sorry for the bother but I know it’s not hard…

  2. my school starts september 9th but i can still go on the computer during weekdays.

  3. brave can i work here just asking. you can say no, if you want.

  4. Congratz To Thunder And Eamafa!

  5. Hey Braveboy im new to your site! and it looks pretty sick!! ill come here often to look at your cheats, Blogs, And other cool stuff. and you already put up a Membership contest Thats Fantastic!

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