Ok I Was Grounded Since Tuesday But Yea! Im BacK! Woohoo! I Will Be Posting Once Again! Just Wanted To Let You Know..



10 Responses

  1. So is the Code contest back up? 😀

  2. Yups!

  3. hey i cancelled the rainbow puffle army my new army is on my site but i would like to have a battle

  4. hey brave can we do a vid on youtube about you and zebby interviewing my and eamaafa? you can inteview me and zebby can interview eamafa… Please…

  5. cool i hope u can visit my site and help get to 100,000 hits cause im ending cp September 7th.
    ~source~ Ill help out and try to get u 30,000 hits once my goal is done 😉

  6. Is the Coin Code Coming out today?

  7. Hey Braveboy~!
    I love the site, its awesome and I am a huge fan of you

    Anyway I discovered some extra info about Tallest Mountain being a new room and I thought you might be interested.(Its on the map at the bottom of the post) anyways

  8. are you gonne have a membership contest because my membership expires in 14 days 😦

  9. Update: A Very Easy Freezy Coin Code Contest on

    Hey Fellow Penguin!!

    Nice Post, Keep it up! Also, Please visit my site everyday and comment everyday if you can! Please?

    P.S. : Im having a Coin Code Contest + It’s very easy to win! All you have to do is guess the easy rooms! Believe me, It’s too easy! Go to to enter it!


  10. why were you grounded?

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