Totally Random!

Have You Ever Wanted LOTS AND LOTS Of Random? Well I Have A Solution!

Click Here To Go To It!

Very Funny And VeryCool!

Check It Out Now!



7 Responses

  1. I just wanna say Im loving the site! You have an awesome site, something to be proud of, and i wish you every success in club penguin blogging (Well, i suppose you are successful! xD) And if youre not too busy, could you comment back on my blog saying what you think? I love to hear professionals opinions! See ya around!

  2. Hay, what happened to working on my blog!!!

  3. Vote for Qx4 PenpalCP Here!

    ~Qx4 Penpal

  4. Hello,
    Sweet site!There’s currently a contest going on at my site!The winner will get a 1200+ penguin!Its very very very easy to get it!
    Check out my site!
    Gulchi ;-)(click my name to get to my site.)

  5. Yo Brave look at my site to see the time for my quitting party

  6. and theres one favor i ask of you and i hope you can do it

  7. Hello guys,

    Gulchi posting.

    My site’s Blogroll 2 is out!If u couldnt be on my main blogroll,you can be on blogroll 2.Here are the requirements for being on it :

    Have me on your blogroll.(Must)
    Have over 5,000 hits.
    If you have fulfiled the above requirements comment at any post and i may add u.

    Currently,there are only 4 spots left.So,hurry!



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