Donations Anyone?

Hello Everyone! We Are In Need Of Donations.

I Accept ANYTHING! I Even Accept Comments As A Donation 😉

Anything That Will Help!

If You Are Willing To Donate Something More Greater Like A Coin Code Or Membership. You May Do That Also!

Heres What Ill Give You In Return For A Coin Code , Membership , Or WordPress Credits.

  1. A Trophy EX( Your Name Will Be On Plaque )
  2. Your Penguin And Your Blog Featured In  A Post!
  3. Blogroll Forever!

Remember, Anything Is A Donation. Like I Said ” Even A Comment Can Help! ”

Thanks Everyone. Also If You Wanna Donate WP Credits, Memberships Or Coin Codes, My Email Is

My WordPress Email Is

Thanks Again 😉



One Response

  1. Hello,
    I can donate u a 1200 days old penguin!It was given to me by my great freind “Wwe adam”!But what will i get if i donate it to u?
    Reply at my site.
    Gulchi 😉

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