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Fall Fair 2009 – Penguin Catalog – Unlimited Ticket Cheat – Rockhoppers Arrival – Winner Of The Rare Member Penguin

Hey Everyone! I Just Got Home From School. So I Am Moding All Comments Checking Email And Twitter And Stuff. Also I Have ALL Things Going On In CP!

Heres The Fall Fair Pictures!


Heres The Non Members Booth!


Heres How To Get To The Members Booth!


Heres The Members Booth!


Heres The Circus! Members Only.

f5 Its Cool!

Heres Rockhoppers Items!

f7 Did Anyone See Him Yet? I Didnt Yet But Ill Still Be Looking 😉

Also Heres The Penguin Catalog Cheats!


Only One Cheat? And 2 Pages Of New Items?! Come on Clubpenguin!

Now Heres The Cheat On How To Get Unlimited Tickets~

Step 1: Check Your Tickets!f9

Step 2: Play Puffle Paddle f10

1 Dezmond 1 Is My Backup Penguin 😉

Step 3: Play The Game Until You Have Atleast 100 Points! f11

Step 4: Press Tab Until The Yellow Box Is On The ” X ” f12

Step 5: Rapidly Press ” Enter ” On Your Keyboard.

Step 6: Press Okay

Step 7: You Should Have Double Or Triple What You Had. So If You Had 100.. You Should Have 200 Or 300. f13

Step 8: Repeat The Process!

Also, The Winner Of The Rare Penguin Is..


I Will Need Your Email And Ill Send A.S.A.P ( As Soon As Possible )

Runner Up Was

Dragondav 3

Congrats To You Both!

Also, Heres A Few Announcements

  • BB News #4 Will Be Coming Out On Sunday
  • Membership Contest Will Be Coming Soon – Commenting Contest
  • Series 1 Coin Code Contest Will Be Coming Soon – 3 Rounds
  • Youtube – New Productions! Cant Wait!

Also Follow Me On Twitter!!


Thats All For Now! Peace Out!




4 Responses

  1. hey Btave can i join YOUR productions

  2. Hmm Ok But I Need Your Pass For Music Videos

  3. Help Needed!
    Go to http://hifriendz.wordpress.com/ And Check out the post! Or Else.. Go to the post directly! http://hifriendz.wordpress.com/2009/09/06/club-penguin-cheats-website-is-looking-for-a-new-author/
    Thanks for your time.

  4. qx4penpalcp@gmail.com

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