Join Aod!

Ok. We Will Be Having An Invasion, By The Fire Squad And Battling The Purple Bunnies, So Our Army Needs All The Help We Can Get! So Join AOD!


Please Help Out. If We Get ALL Servers Back And Win I Will Be Having 1 Membership Contest And 1 Coin Code Contest.

If We Have Over 50 Members Joined I Will Be Having Something SUPER SUPER HUGE On This Blog! So Join Join Join Join AND JOIN! THANKS!



7 Responses

  1. he brave my site had more people on 14 beat that

  2. that’s not nice be nicer
    hits doesn’t matter anyway

  3. cpelements 2 had 28 people on at one time. i work on it. I WOULD LIKE TO SEE U BEAT THAT!

  4. Hi brave,i’m back blogging,i also need a new worker on my site,do u wanna help on? comment on my site

  5. Hey brave beat 34 people online! No kidding I got 34 people online!

  6. brave what happened to your youtube channel

  7. he change it

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