Authors, I Have Noticed You Guys Havent Been Posting For A Long Long Time! So, All Authors MUST Post An Update Before

Saturday September 19

Or Else You Will Be Removed. I Know I Sound Mean, But I Really Want More Visitors And Posting Updates Will Get More, So Please Do Your Jobs, I Dont Want To Remove Any Of You Guys!



15 Responses

  1. if u do can i be author plz

    • sorry but you have to earn it

      BB Mod In Training

  2. ok sorry brave ill post. please forgive me if they dont have pics im almost outta memory on my computer

  3. oh also brave how do u cut the penguins out to put them on a backround! i really need to know!!

  4. I can tell you Eamafa. Also Brave can i be an author again if you delete somebody?

    • you will if you be nice and helpful to others

      BB Mod In Training

  5. ok i need to know!

  6. Cool! Everyone here good luck 😉 You guys rock!

  7. Sorry Brave I even put a video in my newest post to make it more ENTERTANING! 😀 LOL

  8. can i be an author ill post alot theres people who added me to their blogs and im the only person posting!!!!!!

  9. im sorry i havent talked to you in a while, but her ei am : D i will be glad to post once a week, if they are fired { which i hope they dont } Also you havent poste don my site, so i was wodnering if you were going to : )

  10. Message to Eamafa:
    Here is how:
    First take a picture of a penguin with no background.
    Open it up using preview.
    Make a random loop around it using the option “Extract”.
    Now use “Instant Alpha” to clean up the edges and the penguin will be PERFECTLY cut out.
    Heres how to put it on background:
    Drag the background on iWeb.
    Drag the picture of the cut out penguin onto iWeb as many times as you want it to appear in the picture. Now center the penguins, take a picture, and your done!

    Hope that helped. 🙂

  11. it depends whaT SYSTEM U HAVE BEARD/BRAVE

  12. Eamafa, Beard has a Mac so follow his directions for a Mac computer. For a Dell (any must have MS paint, you have that already).
    1. Take a picture of your picture of your penguin regularly.
    2. Do “Free Form Select” and trace around the penguin if it’s REALLY UGLY, use the Curve option and trace around the penguin using the color black (or if you want to look cool, use brighter colors). Like Dyl’s Gravator.
    I ALWAYS do this method for my special new headers and sometimes gravators.

  13. oh i have a dell so i guess i have to do disco

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