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Author Contest Round 1

Author Contest Round 1 >>>>> Press Read More For FULL Post.

I Am Thinking About Having 1 More Author. If You Want To Be An Author Then Please Comment The Awnsers To The Following Questions!

  • Your Name / Nick Name
  • Your Email
  • Your Blog URL ( If You Dont Have One Leave This Spot Blank.
  • Why You Want To Join Clubpenguin Cheats

Thats All, Please Enter Your Awnsers By: Friday Oct. 3

As For The Authors That Work Here, I Will Be Deleting ONE Of You So Be Sure To Be Posting ALOT!



20 Responses

  1. Nick name Tanh huyn

    Email: tanhuynh226@yahoo.com

    Old blog http://www.tanhhuyn.blogspot.com (someone hacked it

    I want to join because I want to help you and the other penguins infact that’s why I made my own blog

    • PS:If I don’t win can I wtleast be an author on your army?

      • PSS:Saturday is my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

  2. hey brave , its flipper , check out my site i’ve change it up and tell me what ya think about it ~ flipper

  3. nickname;lil bubble07
    i would like to be an author because i love club penguin and i will always post

  4. Blackbeard76
    I would like to be an author because I will post new updates. And I will check on this site everyday

  5. Zengrong
    I like to help people to work,like Cp,like to be famous.

  6. dragondav3
    You know my email
    Same reasons as usual, me coming back, me loving blog, me being good friend, me being wanting to post lots

  7. OOPS i put wrong e-mail
    its nicolasjmnz@yahoo.com

  8. Beardedcrest or Beard
    I really want to become an author again, I can film and I will post about Club Penguin and will be a good author. 🙂

  9. Your Name / Nick Name Cpkid8888
    Your Email mjw8888@att.net
    Your Blog URL ( If You Dont Have One Leave This Spot Blank. http://www.clubpenguineight.wordpress.com
    Why You Want To Join Clubpenguin Cheats
    Well i can record and i never worked on a site with higher than 15,000 hits also im a really good party video taper and planner

  10. hey brave

  11. Hai. I was wondering if you would like to enter my contest @ http://www.abstractfantasy.wordpress.com.

  12. poppymelt
    cuz i like this site

  13. I will be good if i dont become an author.
    Gulchi 😉

  14. Your Name / Nick Name: Superpriplup
    Your Email: superpriplupclubpenguin@gmail.com
    Your Blog URL: http://superpriplup.wordpress.com/
    Why You Want To Join Clubpenguin Cheats? Well because your a very awesome penguin and a very good author and you have an awesome site!

    Hope I will win!


  15. Nick name: Charraze111 Name: Charraze111

    Email: charraze111@googlemail.com

    My Blog: http://clubpenguinallthenews.wordpress.com

    Why I want to join CP cheats: Because it is so awesome! I really wanna be an author. Ive been waiting for this day!!!!! Plus because I wanna help other penguins with Club Penguin!

  16. Your Name/Nick Name: yankyman or yankymetro

    Your Email: yanky_man_mas_10@live.com.ar

    Your Blog URL: http://yankyman.wordpress.com or http://yankymetro.wordpress.com

    Why You Want To Join ClubPenguin Cheats? cuz i want to post a lot and give away my old penguins and free memberships and i want to help others with cheats!!

  17. name: dyl100/jeffhardy2/dyl
    Where am i from: http://jeffhardy2.wordpress.com
    why i want 2 work here u and me are good friends and i think it would be cool 2 work with u plz i will post alot trust me


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