Clubpenguin Igloo Music And New Pin ALSO Dojo Update!

New Clubpenguin Updates Arrived Today! Heres The Igloo Music Update!

Music List

I Like The Campfire Song. Its Tight Dawwg 😉

Also The Newest Pin….. ( Drumroll)


A Lock? Hmm I Wonder What TheLocks For?

Pin 2

And Lastly Dojo Updates


Thats All For Now, Also Im Working On My 30k Hits Banner! Also Authors Thanks For Posting! Keep It Up 😉

And Maybe I Should Have A 7 Days Of Fall Giveaway? Prizes ? Still Thinking About It! 😉



5 Responses

  1. Heyy!
    Round 3 has started and this will be the fianl round.
    For more details,check out my site.
    Gulchi 😉

  2. Join AOD Please!!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks Gulchi 😉

  4. Hey man!

    Nice! I mean your like in 6th grade and i heard 6th grade has a lot of homework so your doing a pretty good job with this blog!!! Is 6th grade really that hard? Sorry i am only in 5th. (gosh so close)



  5. I’m in 3rd grade

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