Author Contest Round 3

Hello, I Know All Of You Are Dying To See Who Makes It On To The Next Round So Heres The People, Also If You Didnt Get Picked Dont Worry, There Will Be More Author Contests Coming Soon!

In Random Order Heres The People..

  • Zengrong
  • Charraze111
  • Beardedcrest
  • Dyl
  • Cpkidd
  • Yankyman
  • Minfa
  • Superpriplup
  • Dragondav3
  • Tanhuynh226

Congrats For Moving On! Heres Round 3 Questions!

  1. Name
  2. Please Make A Sample Post. Pick Any Topic ( Pin , Newspaper , Catalog )
  3. Why Would You Wanna Work Here?
  4. How Did You Find Out About This Blog?
  5. How Do You Know Me?
  6. What Would You Do For This Blog?
  7. Would You Come To My Parties?

Ok This Round Questions, Pretty Easy! So Enter Quick! Round Ends Tuesday October 6 . 5 People Will Move On To Round 4! Make Your Awnsers PERFECT!



19 Responses

  1. 1. Name: Yankyman Or Yankymetro

    2. Please Make A Sample Post. Pick Any Topic ( Pin , Newspaper , Catalog ): i pick catalog

    3. Why Would You Wanna Work Here?: so i can help others with cheats and have parties and give away penguins and memberships

    4. How Did You Find Out About This Blog? Cuz one time i saw u on cp with a lot of ppl and i saw ur name and typed in in thats wat i typed and thats how i found out about this awesome blog!

    5. How Do You Know Me? cuz ur really famous and i saw u on cp once

    6. What Would You Do For This Blog? i would pout new banners and make this blog the best with a lot of things!

    7. Would You Come To My Parties? i will try to come to all of ur parties!!

    there u go!
    –yankymetro– or –yankyman–

    • Awesome 😉

  2. Beardedcrest
    I can’t make a sample post right now, I have to get off the computer in ten minutes.
    I would want to work here so I could meet new penguins and have fun posting about Club Penguin.
    I found out about it from in about March 2009.
    I know you from Cp7 and you’ve been my friend on CP ever since this blog had 10,000 hits. Ah, good times.
    Get more people to visit because I heard your getting low visits, plus I’ll make awesome banners using my best application, Adobe Indesign CS4.
    Yes!!! i always visit this blog and I’ll never miss a party!


    • Awesome!

  3. Everyone Online! Please Go To Chat Right Now!

  4. thanks braveboy124!

  5. braveboy124 add me on msn:

  6. #!Name: dyl100 or jeffhardy2
    #2Sample post: cant right now!
    #3Why i want 2 work here: Because i think it would be cool 2 post with u and other people and since ive known u for a while i think we have became close enough friends to trust each other and i like hepling people cuz u have more hitz so i can more people!!!
    #4how i found out: ClubpenguinsEven
    #5who i kno u: On clubpenguinseven and weve been friends on cp for a while
    #6 I can POst: headers ( awesome ones) cp cheats vids about a party or hints on how o get the pin
    #7 would i go to ur parties: yes 4 sure the reason i havent gone 2 urs is im busy during the summer

    Hope i win!!!

  7. Charraze111

    Hey! Its Charraze111 and ive just discoverd the volcano erupting on CP!!!
    I would put a pic here
    That must mean that the new room is coming soon!! Here are some theorys!

    Train your puffles
    Become a samurai
    A new ninja room for ninjas to train.

    Post a comment on what you think or agree with!

    Why Would You Wanna Work Here?
    It was on beardedcrests blogroll and I really enjoy looking at sites on blogroll!!
    I know you becuz I have looked at lots of sites and read lots of comments and once I may have seen you on CP.
    I will advertise (with permission) your site on my blogs and try to get more hits plus post alot about litterally everything I can about CP i can get a hold on!
    I would! I might not because of my social life but I will try my best.

    Well thats pretty much it!
    I hope I win!

  8. Number 3 I missed

    I wanna work here because I am a very good poster and post everyday. I love your site! Making hits for a site is an awesome joy! I promise I will give u hits. And to be an author along with some cool people!

  9. Yay! I recommended this site to Charraze!

    • YUP!!!!

  10. 1.Cpkid8888
    2.The catalog is here are the cheats
    pic 1st cheat
    pic2nd cheat
    pic 3rd cheat
    pic 4th cheat
    i cant belive they brought back rare items1
    comment what you think
    3.I want to work here because it is a great site and im a good poster penguin seven penguin seven
    6.I can post updates and banners and catalogs

  11. Braveboy, can you please tell me if i made it to round 4 yet because I am going away for one week starting tomorrow. If I made it to round 4 can I enter right now?

    • Yes You Did.

      Here Are Round 4 Questions ( ONLY FOR BEARDEDCREST! )

      1. Name
      2. What Blogs Have You Worked For?
      3. How Much Do You Post About Clubpenguin?
      4. How Much Hits Do You Have On Your Blog?
      5. Do You Wake Up Early In The Morning Just To Post?
      6. Do You Know Anyone Else That Works Or Worked Here?


      • can you tell me if I made it too

  12. 1. Tanh Huyn (tanhuynh226
    2. newspaper, catalog, secret things, new rooms, pins
    3. I want to work here so I could help you and other people and maybe get to know everybody else
    4. I met you on a chat box 16 times
    5. I look up on one of your page so now I know a lot about you and everybody else
    6. I would post everythings on club penguin including new stuff
    7. Yes I always come to your party and everybody else who works on this site because I their and your biggest fan!

  13. 1. Beardedcrest
    2. I currently work for over 40 blogs and I don’t want to list them all. lol
    3. 50% of the time, the other 50% is parties and contests.
    4. I have about 12,500 hits right now. i get about 200 hits a day.
    5. No because my mom doesn’t let me play computer in the morning, but I do post at night some times.
    6. Yes, I know you, Thunderman, Zebby, Eamafa, The Source00.

    Hope I win!

  14. name: zengrong
    sample post: Hello penguins,the new pin will maybe be a Waltdisney Castle Pin! It will be located at dock!
    i have 38,000 hits now,i will get most 360 hits and mostly 100 hits per day.
    We are friends from…..i think u know my site first lol,i know ur site cause i got the link from some where….i think from a comment in my site.
    I will post,update and visit ur parties! But sometimes Us is different time with my country so sometimes i can’t go to ur party.
    Thanks for the time,
    Braveboy Rocks!

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