Author Contest Round 4

Welcome To Round 4, Sadly Only 5 People Could Make It.. If You Dont Make It Dont Worry I Will Have ALOT Of Author Contests Coming!

Heres The People That Made It In Random Order.

  • Beardedcrest
  • Zengrong
  • Tahnhuyn
  • Cpkid
  • Charraze111

Congrats! Heres Round 4 Questions!

1. Name
2. What Blogs Have You Worked For?
3. How Much Do You Post About Clubpenguin?
4. How Much Hits Do You Have On Your Blog?
5. Do You Wake Up Early In The Morning Just To Post?
6. Do You Know Anyone Else That Works Or Worked Here?

Only 2 People Will Make It To Round 5! Make Your Awnsers SUPER Perfect, And If You Dont Awnser EVERYTHING Or Dont Put ALOT OF EFFORT, I Promise You Wont Make It! So Make Sure Its Perfect!

Round 4 Ends On October 9th Friday! Thats All For Now!



19 Responses

  1. Tahnhuyn!!!
    i hope we wins

    • tahnk you very much
      you know you were good to
      plus your very nice

      • thanks

  2. aww man i didnt make it braveboy were my answers bad?

    • No your answers were actually pretty good you know
      your pretty good

  3. 1.Cpkid
    2.beardedcrest.clubpenguineight,clubpenguinquad,mricehockey,ttpeep,dyl,,disco,cherrera.zebby on zeb productions,,poppymelt
    3.I dont do my site anymore but the highest site i work for is beardedcrest his site has12,283 hits
    4.Yes on weekends but not on school days i finish my hw and come on the computer
    5.oops i skipped one i always post abou CP
    6.Yes i know Disco, and Beardedcrest and Eamafa

  4. 1. Tanh Huyn

    2. I work on my blog (someone hacked it) and on your army

    3. I post 1,000 posts on my blog and 3 or 2 on your army

    4. To be honest I deleted my old hit’s widget and add a new one and I have 3,157 hit’s and now I have 1,124

    5. Yes mostly on Saturdays and at night on weekdays

    6. Beardecrest Eamafa Dragondav3 and I think Disco

  5. thanks clubpenguintanhhuyn hope u win

    • no prob and call me tanh huyn or tanhuynh226

  6. and im out of course

    • your good too

  7. yea yanky metro urs was good and urs to dyl

  8. Sorry If I Hurt Any Feelings. Dont Worry TONS More Of Author Contests Coming Soon 😉

  9. name: zengrong
    i worked for 13 blogs now.
    i posted more than 3,000 post already.
    i have 38,000 hits.
    Yes,sometimes like my party,or party video or pictures.i will.
    Hmm….i still don’t know yet cauz u haven’t showed up the authors and i know you,blow,snowbossi,ayushbest,tycoon,sk8ter,
    clubpeinguin101,gulchi,theballplaye,alohazh and more!

  10. Braveboy u can work on my site….tell me ur email.

  11. 1. Charraze111
    2. Ok CPNA, My site, Beardedcrest, O800CPS
    3. I have posted about uhhhh about 50 im not sure.
    4. On CPNA an army I have 1,976 hits on my other I have 197 hits. It is getting more hits a day!
    5. I have a time I always go on which is 9:30
    6. If u mean real life none. But in blog wise I know u and Eamafa

  12. 5. (Better version) 9:30 is earliest for me. But if I beg my parents to let me on earlier I will sure do that. And I try to go on late at night to post on my blog and check out CP for stuff to post on ma blog.

  13. Hey, Go to and click on the link to vote on the dyl100 and eracer08 awards! Your vote will mean ALOT!

  14. Last day today! I wish everyone could get through! And there should be runner up prize aswell.

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