Anniversary Party Hat – EXCLUSIVE LOOK!

Before Reading This Post, Full Credit Goes To Jeepkid7 

Club Penguin is having its fourth anniversary this october! Wow, it seems like the years have flown by on Club Penguin. I am sure everyone is dying to know when this party is going to be, so I will share the details with you. For one day only, October 24th, Club Penguin will be celebrating its fourth anniversary with tons of events, cakes and even more! These events will take place in the Coffee Shop. Now, I am sure all of you are wondering what the anniversary hat colors are going to be. Club Penguin Insider has the inside scoop on the upcoming colors!


I believe that the upcoming colors are going to be yellow, dark green, and a blue! I believe this is true because if you go to page A4 in the Club Penguin Times, Issue #8 you will see three balloons. These represent the upcoming colors in the anniversary hat!

Whos Ready For The Anniversary Party! I Am! 😉

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  1. Can’t wait

  2. i would follow if i had twittter

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