Club Penguin Times Issue #208

Hey! The Newspaper Just Came Out! Heres The Newest Info For This Week!

First Off,

Clubpenguin Times 1

Halloween Igloo Contest October 16!

More Info:

Clubpenguin Times 2

Better Start Making Your Igloos Super Spooky! Also I Will Be Having A Halloween Party In My Iggy, Ill Give You More Deatails Later 😉

Next Heres CP’S 4TH Annervesary ( Did I Spell That Right ? 😉 )

Clubpenguin Times 3

Thats Sucks! Because Its Only On October 24! So Better Log On That Day 😉 And Dont Get Grounded ;P

Also Heres The Latest News In Storm For Halloween

Clubpenguin Times 4

I Hope Theres A Storm! So We Can Have A Perfect Halloween!

Also Lastly Heres The Upcoming Updates!

Clubpenguin Times 5

I Will Be Posting EVERYTHING When It Comes Out! Also Dont Forget Author Contests Ends Tommorow ( Friday )

Also About That Halloween Party, Im Still Making The Banner! Dont Worry.. It Will Be Posted Very Soon 😉

Get A Head Start On Your Costumes!

Shhhhh.. Person With Scariest Costume May Win A 1 Month Membership 😉


Question Of The Day: Do You Think Clubpenguin Is Getting Boring?


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