Author Contest Round 5

Update: Zengrong Will Be Automatically Added To The Site

Hey , This Round Will Be The HARDEST Round Ever! The 2 People Who Will Make It To ROUND 5 Is..

  1. Tahnhuyn
  2. BeardedCrest – He Entered His Awners On Round 3 Post For Round 4.

Im Sorry If You Didnt Make It, I Have Alot More Coming Soon!

Heres Round 5 Questions:

  1. Will You Be Trustworthy If You Work Here?
  2. Will You Hack?
  3. Will You Treat EVERYONE With Respect?
  4. Are You Gonna Update ALOT?

At This Point Its A 50/50 Desicion. I Dont Know Who I Should Pick. AWNSERS DUE BY SATURDAY! ( OCTOBER 9TH )




10 Responses

  1. 1. Yes, I will be very trustworthy
    2. Do you mean hack Club Penguin? No I don’t hack anything.
    3. Yes, even if the visitors are being idiots.
    4. Yes, about once every day or two.

  2. yes
    i like answering questions

  3. umm uhh I think Beardest should win this beacause I’m not really good on wordpress and working on your army is enough I think

    • But here are my answers:
      1. Totally!
      2. No way! plus I don’t want my penguin to get banned.
      3. Yes even people who are mean
      4. Totally I love to post
      well thanks and congrats Beardest

  4. thanks brave. add me in if doesn’t work,try

  5. Heyy u didnt follow me.
    Gulchi 😉

  6. 😦 DAMN. Also braveboy can u be author on my site….

    Check it out and also be an author!!!

    • No bad words

      BB mod

  7. why should zeng-rong be 1

  8. he has good answers

    BB Mod

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