Club Penguin Updates – New Stage – New Post Cards – Gray Skies – New Pin

Hey , Lots Of Updates Came Today . Heres The Updates. Enjoy 😉

First Off New Stage, Well Old Stage Brought Back!


At Least They Updated It! And Look At The Big Bug! It Looks Cool 😉

Now For The Catalog Cheats.


Next, New Post Cards, I Kinda Like It!


Maybe I Can Make A Coin Code Contest Out Of This , A Buddy Who Receives A Post Card Gets A Coin Code 😉

Also Heres The Gray Skies.


Also The Volcano Is About To Exsplode! It Looks Like The Smoke Is Causing The Skies To Turn Gray. It Looks Cooler, Or It Might Be For Halloween!

Laslty Heres The Newest Pin


Lol I Watch NFL Football, And My Team Is EAGLES! They Are The Bomb!

Whos Your Faviorite Team ? Im Curious!

Well Thats All The Updates For Friday, When Ever I Get Anymore Ill Post It Here!


Twitter 5

For Coin Codes And Memberships! 😉 When We Reach 100 Followers Im Going To Giveaway 1 Membership!

Also Please Visit,


Join Us Now And Help Us Out! 😉



6 Responses

  1. Hello,
    Round 2 of member ship contest has started.Check out my site for further details.
    Gulchi 😉

  2. Heyy!
    Can u follow me on my twitter?Well,u can be on my blogroll!Comment at my site.
    Gulchi 😉

  3. Let’s go Steelers!!


  5. go ravens

  6. Go 49ers

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