Newest Official Member Of Club Penguin Cheats!

Okay, I Made Up My Desicion, The Person Who Is The Newest Author Is.. BOB!! LOL JK! READ MORE!

BeardedCrest! Congrats Beard!

Please Leave Your Email And You Will Be Added!

Also, Im Gonna Have To Remove ONE Person 😦

Its Too Hard For Me , So Why Dont You Guys Vote.

Heres The Question:

Which Author ( Thunderman87 , Eamafa , Zebby Queen ) Do You Think Did The Worst Job Of Posting.

Voting Ends Monday! Please COMMENT Your Awnsers!

Also, Tahnhuyn, You Did An Awesome Job, Your My Best Freind 😉 And Im Giving You A Prize! Its A Secret, And Its Gonna Surprise Everyone 😉

Email Me @

And Dont Worry All Of You, Its Not A Coin Code Or Membership! Its Something From Inside, ( AND NO NOT AN ORGAN 😉  )



15 Responses

  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOO! I got busy and missed a few days on my comp and missed the rest of the author contest 😥

  2. YES!!!!!!!!!!! You are awesome Brave! My email is

  3. i dont wanna vote anyone off. 😦 why do u need one off whats wrong with 5 authors.

  4. oops i mean 6

  5. dont make someone i leave everyone who works here would hate you for being off. look cp7 has 7 and they are doing fine

  6. i dont now how the i in between someone and leave got there

    • what?

  7. I say idk but i like Zebby Queen i think she is doing a GREAT job! So i think Thunderman and eamafa. Eamafa posted what you posted and thunderman didnt post in a while.

    Don’t delete Zebby! She is an awesome author!

  8. thanks dude I never thought anyone would give me a prize I’ll email you

    • also my email is

  9. check your email

  10. All autors r good! but eamafa needs to step it up.

    Eamafa:ya ur right im trying to clean up my act before i get fired.

    • I don’t want anyone to be voted off

  11. check your email brave

  12. i kinda say zebby i dont want 2 but she hasnt posssted in a wwhile i think

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