Party time!

Well since there is a good chance of me getting fired 😦 i wanna have a party. I really dont wanna put a theame for it at the last mintue so it will just be a party to hang out. Also please comment! If i get fired i want my last comments to be good ones.

Date: october 12th

Time:5:30pm pst


Place:eamafa’s igloo


Ill add anyone who comes so comment if u can come.


10 Responses

  1. can you change the time into 6:30?
    so I could come?

  2. ya probly
    ill do it rite now

    • 6:30 not 5:30

  3. Im Not Firing Anyone! You Get To Keep Your Job! 😉

  4. im gonna go , but eamafa might have deleted me so if he did i might not be able to go unless his igloo is on the map

  5. Im Not Firing Anyone!

  6. yay! but im still having my party. im sorry if i got u mad. its not like anyone was feeling bad for me.

  7. i dont think i deleted u flipper. its gonna be on the map. if i did ill add ya back

  8. No I’m not mad.. I’m just really sad cause my comp ain’t working and I think I have a virus..

  9. oh. thats bad. why does everyone try to hack ya?

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