Squid ziod at stage

welll i dont think anyone posted this so this is to make up for my last post which wasent very good.

Hello Penguins!


Whoa…there are a LOT of squid fans on the island! Between the Halloween costumes in Penguin Style and the Costume Trunk at the Stage, tons of you are making your costume collections even bigger! Along with ghosts and butterflies, we’ve been seeing a lot of squids (and superheroes) all over the place.


Melmon Busyness.jpgHave you seen the play yet? If you haven’t, go and check out Squidzoid’s new sidekick. And let us know what you think!!


Until then…Waddle on!


-Club Penguin Team


Oh and i this one is the most recent by billybob

Hello Penguins!

Hey, have you seen the sky from the Dojo Courtyard yet? Check it out, because there’s something happening…

mysterysky.jpgAll very mysterious, don’t you think?

Until then…Waddle on!

Welll thats all for now by!

-Club Penguin Team


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