Added Again! :)

Hey guys, it’s me Beardedcrest! I used to work on the blog back when it had 15,000 hits in June! I’m excited to start working here again. I’ve noticed that your hits chart is very low and we should raise it up a lot. It’s even lower than my hits chart :0. Thanks to Brave for choosing me to win the contest. I will usually post about Club Penguin and cool stuff that is happening on the internet. You may also know me from my website, since me and Brave get a lot of the same visitors. Well, bye!



11 Responses

  1. Lol I Know Its Low, Maybe I Should Have A Coin Code Contest 😉

  2. Hey Brave do you wanna be an author of my blog? I need some help.

  3. Ok Sure, I Can Be Co Desighner LOL 😉

  4. lol

  5. ok i’ll add you what’s your email?

  6. Can you also put me and Zengrong on the header?

  7. How do I add halloween stuff on my site? Do you mean in like headers or CSS?

  8. Dude I’m going on chat.

  9. Ok

  10. My Email Is
    You And Zeng Will Be Added SUPER Soon. Im Working On A Super Spooky Halloween Header.

  11. 😦

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