15 Penguins Online – NEW RECORD!

Yea, Woohoo, Lol We Finally Passed Our Record, And Got 15 Penguins Online 😉 . Our Previous Record Was 12 And We Passed. Heres Proof!


Awesome, Lets Make 20 Next Time!

In Other News:

We Will Be Having A

Super Spooky Halloween Party 😉

Comment If You Can Come 😉 I Am Still Deciding The Time And Date! It Will Not Be On October 31 Because I Know All Of You Will Be At Parties Or Trick Or Treating 😉



11 Responses

  1. it cuz of the header it gets ur attention super quick i love it who made it? and good job u beat my record 14

  2. Cool header! Nice job on it!

  3. Lol Thanks, I Made It 😉

  4. braveboy can u make me a header?

  5. Where’s Zebby on your header?

  6. Sorry she’s gone. She dosent post.

    • oh and check the division page on your army and look at the comment

      • Already Done 😉

  7. nice and awesome header, brave

  8. what do you mean that you did that? because I can’t see the link

  9. sick fan banners dang man ur getting good

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