Clubpenguin 4th Anniversary Hat Cheat And 2008-2009 Year Book!

Hey. This Is A Very Special Post, Because Its About The 4th Anneversary Party Hat, Which Only Comes ONCE Every Year. I Remember Last Year, That Was FUN! Even Rockhopper Came And Joined Us 😉

Heres The Cheat On How To Get This Years Party Hat!

  1. Click On Map
  2. Go To Town
  3. Go To Coffee Shop
  4. Click On Pinyata 4th Cp - 1
  5. Then The Hat Will Fall On The Ground. 4th Cp - 2
  6. Pick It Up
  7. Click Yes
  8. Then Okay
  9. And Ta-da You Now Have The 4th Party Hat! Feels Good Dosent It ? 😉

Also Heres How To Read The Yearbook

  1. From The CoffeeShop, Go Upstairs
  2. Then Click The Book Thats Higher Than The Others. 4th Cp - 3
  3. Read It
  4. Then When Done Press x
  5. And Ta-da Again ! Youve Read The 4th Yearbook In CP History! 😉

Thats All For Now 😉



2 Responses

  1. cool post!

  2. I know right
    I’m going on club penguin!

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