New Site Banner!

Hello penguins,

I’m Zengrong,I’m back from my exam! I’m free now!

I will now be helping Brave to post the updates,

Anywayz,i made a new banner for my site! I hope you guys will put it on your site!


Want this banner to your site? Copy the code: <a href=””><img src=”” border=”0″></a>

I’m happy to see my banner is in your site!

If you do put our banner on your site,comment and tell me!

See ya!



4 Responses

  1. Brave,i have a question,did you save your header image as PNG after you made the header? I saved with PNG but it is JPG after i upload into my site,why? I will make you admin in my site and can you help me to make one header and upload to my site so that it looks like PNG?
    header background: any
    penguin: and your penguin because i want 2 penguins in the header.
    word: zengrong’s Club Penguin Cheats
    by zengrong,gulchi,tycoon13 and braveboy124
    You will be admin forever if make the header you will be admin forever too if you tell me why it look like JPG after i upload a PNG file.

  2. Is Anyone Going To Post The New PSA Mission And The EPF New Mission Anyone?

  3. hey zengrong, i’d put your banner on my site, but isn’t this site protected by copyscape? thanks dude~ flipper

  4. But the copyscape is from braveboy,banners are no-Copyscape.

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