Im Back!

Hey Guys, Im Back!

I Know All Of You Are Wondering .. ” Wheres Brave? ” OR ” OMG! Did Brave QUIT?! ”

Heres All The Awnsers 😉

  1. I Was Grounded For 2 Weeks, But Now Im Back.
  2. No I Did Not Quit. I Was Grounded For 2 Weeks.

Also About The Halloween Party.. ITS CANCELLED. Im Just Gonna Have A 40,000 Hits Party Later On.

Also Authors, Lots Of You Havent Been Doing Your Jobs! Start Posting Or Prepared To Be Removed.


Zebby I Added You Back To The Blog.. Also, I Would Rather Have CSS Then Domain. Thanks.



8 Responses

  1. yeah, i was wondering what happend, because noone has even posted about the halloween party or the ninja news!

    • Email Me Your Email At Or

      lil Bubble

  2. Zebby isn’t posting at

  3. Nvm, that…
    The last time I been to her site that all the authors weren’t posting (much).

  4. ya ill post 2morrow or monday

  5. Welcome Back.

  6. Sorry brave I got to fix my laptop first :s

  7. I mean get enough money to buy a new one..

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