Taking A Long Break..

IM NOT QUITTING! Just Read More.

Yes , Im Taking A Long Break. I Need To Get My Life Back On Track. Focus More In School And Keep Getting Good Grades, Hang Out With Freinds. So I Will Be Taking A Long Break ( 3 Weeks – 1 Month ) . I Will Be Back In December Or So.

ALL Authors Will Run This Site And Keep Posting. These Guys Will Run This Site Until December Or So.

Post ALL Updates And Keep This Blog Going. Host Parties And Stuff.

I Will Be Having  A Welcome Back Party In December Or So.

Bye And Cya All In December




14 Responses

  1. have a nice break dude 😉

  2. Bye. good luck. I need to take a break too, but whenever I take a break I get no hits. 😦

  3. Could you send me my code first! Or I will tell everyone that you are a scammer!

  4. Where is my code?

  5. ;-( I am starting to get mad. Before I was just sad.

    • He took the vacation already sorry. I know he will give it to you when he gets back!

      • He said he will give me the code in September.

  6. Dude Just Wait After 3 Weeks And Then He Will Give You That Code Of Yours!
    Calm Down!

  7. Where is it!!!!!!! I will give you until December 31st and if I dont have it by then I might shut your site

  8. down

  9. It has been 3 monthes Tanhuynh226! I want my code.

  10. Dude, calm down, Brave is really nice! And I’m back to blogging 😮

  11. brave, i know your taking a break but hopefully you read this in time, we The Icons are going to war against dyl100’s penguininfo, can you join our team ~flipper

  12. um…lets think IVE KNOWN HIM LONGER THAN U AND BIEMAN A.K.A BOOMAN NOW BRAVE would rather be on my team brave be honest flippers a coipier he will never leave u alone

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