Back Already!

Hey! Im Back! I Needed To Take Care Of Some Issues 😉

Well Im Back And Ready To Go! Heres What I Did In My Time Being.

School Grades:

  • Math – A-
  • English – A
  • Social Studies – B
  • Science – B
  • P.E – A+
  • Home Room – C+
  • 8th Grade Music – A+

Pretty Decent Grades. What I Cant Beleive Is That Im Getting An ” A ” In ENGLISH!! Thats My Hardest Subject 😉

Also Been Catching Up With Alot Of Work! Im Super Happy! I Will Start Posting ALL Updates Starting Next Week Friday.

Now Heres The Bad News!

Editors , Authors , Admins

Ive Been Gone, For 2 Weeks And I Only Have 1 POST!? Thanks Eamafa For Posting, But The Rest Of You Better Step Up Your Game And Start Posting! I Will Be Deleting 3 People Within 3 Weeks So Start Posting!!




13 Responses

  1. Yeah!
    I Try To Tell Them That Brave But They Still Wouldn’t Listen Also When Are You Going To Have Your Next Authors Contest? Because I Guess I’m Ready To Be An Author

  2. Also Welcome Back!

  3. Sorry bravwe i didnt post but I just posted the newspaper!

  4. Yay a in p e!

  5. YEAH
    if we have a author contest i vote my buddy Tanhuynh!

    • Thanks Lil Bubble07 Thanks A Lot!
      Thanks For Supporting Me!

  6. i got all A’s

  7. Cpkid couldn’t be THAT smart!
    There’s a possiblty that I’m getting an A in Science class and either C or a B- in Homeroom Reading/Language Arts.

  8. I Got A+ In Science!

    • Me too, I got a A+ in Science!
      I got a B- in writing.
      B in Language Arts
      B+ in Math
      B+ in Social Studies
      That’s all

      • A+ Science
        B+ Writing
        A Language Arts
        B Math
        B+ Social Studies
        A+ Spelling
        A+ Typing
        Well That’s All Of My Grade

  9. I got an A+ in PE also, but my other subjects I got a lot of B. I did get A+ in music though.


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