Going Back To Clubpenguin

Hey, im going back to playing cp! I Will be playing cp from time to time but i will hire new authors and admins to post cheats f0r me! S0 i will be having contests on this blog to hire people! i will hire 1 editor 1 author and 1 admin! Keep checking back for more news!


P.S I Will Be Back On January 1st. But my membership exspires on that day! Can anyone donate unused memberships! Email Me braveboy124@gmail.com for membership cards only!


16 Responses

  1. Yay! You’re back!

  2. how do we get the jobs

    editor Can i be this



  3. Woo Hoo! And Can I Please Be An Author?
    Please And Also Does This Mean Your Going To Be Back In Your Army? If So Then Please Go To Sky Warriors’ Site And Tell Us Then We’ll Invite You As An Admin On The Army! And You Could Be Leader With Mattybon I Guess And If You Have An Extra Membership Then Email Me At clubpenguintanhhuyn@yahoo.com And Welcome Back!!!!!!!!!!!

    • And I’ve Always Been An Active BB Mod And Your Friend And WELCOME BACK Again! Lol

  4. hey dude, glad your back, can i be an author

  5. Hi there Your site is AWSOME, I love it! I would really like it of you would visit my site at: http://www.clubpenguinguides.co.nr please! You rock! Please comment on it if you can thanks so much.


  6. can i be an author im getting the hang of it and you still need to make the msuic video i won the contest

  7. Me Too!

  8. Brave I can be an admin. I have a cheats site. I have graphics. and everything! So what do you say

  9. Fine fire me i dont care whatever…. tell the new authors i said congrats… when you get them…

  10. watch thunderman everyone is gonna kiss up to brave to become author

  11. Nice to know eamafas glad you think like that…

  12. Well Don’t Let Thunder Quit Because He’s Been Posting A Lot This Month

    But I Would Love To Help!

    • Flipper doesn’t copy, never seen him copy.

  14. Then open up your eyes an brave when i get on CPU 2mrrw i need to DM you

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