Editor & Author Contest [ Round 1 ]

Hiya Guys! Im Feelin Awesome Right Now 😉 So Ill Be Adding 2 People To Help Me Get This Blog Back Up! Im Not Gonna Be Doing The Regular Things.. Im Gonna Spice It Up 😉 So Click “More” For The Surprise!

Awnser These Questions And Send In Your Submission.

    1. Name:

Thats All! Also For More Points,

    1. Create A Banner For This Site With The Picture Provided Below

You Dont Need To Do This, But I Wanna See If Your A Designer Also Cause Im Looking For One 😉

Please Submit Your Entry Or Entries By Friday January 29, 2010 @ 6:00 P.M Penguin Standard Time.



11 Responses

  1. 1. Tanhuynh226
    Hope I Win!

    • Awesome Good Luck

  2. Silver24shil

    • Awesome Banner! Good Luck 😉

  3. Thanks

  4. 1.Name: Charraze111 I entered author contest 😉
    Ill make banner and post link K!

  5. Disco70s
    To lazy to do the banner :P.

  6. Well I Would Like To Say Good Luck To Everyone Too! Guys!

  7. Cpkid8888

  8. Sorry but i don`t know how to make a banner.

    • Well You Don’t Have To Make A Banner… Just Comment Your Name. Lol

      ~Tanhuynh226 (BB Mod)

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