Hiya Its Been So Long & Updates Galore

Im Back Everyone! Its Been So So Long Since I Talked To Ya. I Plan On Seeing Many Of My Friends.

I Have Bad News Though.. [ Membership Exspired ].

So Heres A Little Mini Small Contest 😉

Comment The Most Places/Websites To Get Memberships! Lets Hope It Helps Out!

Anyways, I Dont Have My Websnapshot Installed Yet, So Im Gonna Be Using My Best Friends Pictures!

Before Seeing Pictures/Text, All Credit Goes To Simmer27!

The long wait is over…finnaly the Digging has started today and there’s a free item for non members!

The free item is the Orange Hard hat,located at the Mine (Inside)

Once inside the Digging Site,start using your hard hat and you will start getting Pieces!

After you’ve found all 4 pieces,you will be able to Open another Cave!

Congrats! You now can get in the Cave!

And of course,there’s an Item for Sale,the Deep Sea diving suit! Just for 50 coins!

And now,lets get into the Deep Sea of Club Penguin!

Wow I love this new Room! You can also throw Bubbles instead of Snow here! You can also get the Free Deep Sea background

Dive on!!

Besure To Comment All Your Awnsers And Thanks Simmer 😉

-Braveboy124 Is Back-


4 Responses

  1. Brave!!! Your Your Back!!!!

    • Hi Tahn! Wassup!

  2. Brave! U Rock My Socks!!!

  3. No need to download some software! If you use Windows, you can take a screenshot by pressing PrintScreen (sometime PrtSc) right next to F12.
    Then paste it onto MSpaint or other programs and save it. Then you can upload it.

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