Clubpenguin Whats New: Febuary Sneak Peaks

Heyo Penguins,

Braveboy124 Posting ;). Clubpenguin Got Cool News For All You Penguins. Heres All The Info Coming Straight From ” Clubpenguin Whats New

February’s here! That means a new month of celebrations and surprises. A big thanks to everyone who made January so awesome! The team has some big plans for this month, so here’s a few sneak peeks. There’s going to be tons of new stuff, especially for puffles!

Watch for new catalogs, secrets and a new play at the Stage! Make sure to keep checking back for more updates.

 In the meantime, let us know what you think those pictures might be!

 My Opinion: I Think Febuary, Will Be Alot About Puffles. There Will Be Puffle Parties In Febuary All Over CP. So Bring Out Your Puffles And Have A Great Time 😉

-Braveboy124- CP Cheats Owner


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