ClubPenguin Catalog & Flag Pins Are Available To Nonmembers!

Heyo Penguins,

Heres Some Updates.

The New Penguin Style Catalog is out today. And all the Flag Pins are available to Non Members! The Haiti flag is there now too.

Here are the February 2010 Penguin Style Catalog Cheats.

Comment Telling Me What You Think!


P.S : Credit Goes To Rofegme


3 Responses

  1. When I was looking at it I was thinking, “What?! He stole all this from me!”
    Then I saw “Credit Goes To Rofegme”.
    But please, if you are going to use all my images, add the credits on the top..

  2. Did you not just say, “Please Come Up With Your Own Ideas, Dont Steel.”?

    Then why have you stolen my images, copied my whole post, hotlinking all my images from my server?

  3. Please just put the credits on the top and you may leave the images there. 🙂
    But please do not do this again. I will let you do this only this time (with some exceptions when I give you permission) 🙂

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