Puffle Party Coming Early!

Club Penguin Said That The Puffle Party  Is Coming On February 19 But Billybob Made A Post Saying That It Will Be Release Tomorrow! Here’s What He Said:  Last Thursday when we had to launch earlier than normal, we got a ton of comments that you liked getting the new stuff early! You may know new content usually launches later on Thursdays (Penguin Standard Time) and we’ve heard from some of you that when there are problems with it, you have to wait because the team’s not always around to get things fixed right away.

We’re working to make things better and wanted you to be the first to know that starting tomorrow we’re going to launch content earlier in the day. Hopefully this will mean fewer bugs… and tomorrow it will mean that everyone gets more time to play at the Puffle Party! He Also Gave Us Another Sneak Peek Of The Puffle Party! Here’s The Picture: As You Can See It’s 2 Black Puffle Riding On A Skateboard. What Do You Think The Puffle Party Would Be Like? Comment Your Thoughts!



3 Responses

  1. I cant wait for the Puffle Show at the Ski Village!

  2. CP lied.

  3. Lol Yeah

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