2010 Puffle Party Cheats!

Hey Penguins!

Today At 10:00 A.M The Puffle Party Came Out And It’s Really Exciting For Sure! This Party Is My First Since I Missed The One On 2009 Because I Was Grounded.. Lol Ok Let’s Move On To The Cheats.

The First Item Is For Non Members And Members. First Go To The Plaza (Located On Your Map!). Then Find The Box With The Hats And The Sign That Is Saying FREE! Then Go To That Box. That Item Is Call A Puffle Hat!Ok The Next Item Is For Members ONLY! Sorry Nonmembers! First Go To The Ski Village. Then Go Into The Puffle Show. Then Look For The Box With Jackets With Puffles On Them And A Sign That Said FREE! That Item Is Call A Puffle Jacket. Make Sure To Get It! It Looks Very Cool With Your Puffle Hat! This Is Awesome! I Also Took Some Party Pictures! Here Are The Pictures:

That Image Has 4 Pictures In It! Lol. Here’s The Next One: Club Penguin Made A  Lot Of Changes During The Puffle Party Don’t You Think? Here Are Some Examples: As You Can See Club Penguin Turn The Dance Club Into A Purple Dance Club! Club Penguin Also Added A New Temporarily Room. Here’s A Picture: It’s A Puffle Feeding Room! Click The Snowball Icon And Throw It At The Puffles And It’ll Turn Into A O-Berry! Cool I Bet! My Favorite Part Is The Mine, The Cave, And The Puffle Show! Comment Here What Your Favorite Part Is And Why!!!



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